Cancellation requests are accepted during our normal operating hours. Cancellation requests received outside of operating hours will be handled on the following business day.

  • ・We will begin canceling your reservation at the moment you press the "Submit Cancellation Request" button.

Inquiry Number (Customer ID)(required)
Examples: AG12345678
Applicant Name (required) Enter the name of the primary traveler on the reservation.  
Name of person canceling (required) Enter the name of the person submitting the cancellation request. (Alphabet)

*If all travelers in either a single-traveler party or a multiple-traveler party will be canceling, enter "All Travelers" (the default). If only a portion of the travelers in a multiple-traveler party will be canceling, enter their names in the following format.
Example (assuming that a portion of the party is canceling):
Tanaka Tarou
Yamada Hanako
Suzuki Jirou
Cancelled Route (required)
[Travel Route 1]
 /   / 
Flight Name:
Example: ANA39
[Travel Route 2]
 /   / 
Flight Name:
Example: ANA39
Telephone Number (required)
*Enter the telephone number on your reservation
(hyphens are unnecessary)
Email Address (required) Enter your email address.
Payment Status (required)  
Additional Information

※ Handling fee, with regard to office procedures fee, it will be non-refundable.

※ Note that the "stock purchase amount" portion of the shareholder perk
  discount air ticket is non-refundable in the case of cancellation.